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After crossing the finish Line of the 2015 Amsterdam marathon in a time of 2 hours 25 minutes things quickly changed. A break down in a relationship was shortly followed by the uncomfortable realisation that my focus and determination to constantly improve as a runner was almost all consuming. It had turned running from something which had been my life, to something I deeply resented. I didn’t want to do it anymore.

Returning from an emotional trip to Uganda several months later it had become clear that running was about so much more than just times. It was about friendship, shared experiences and most importantly, it was my outlet when things got too much. I needed it back.

Inspired by Ben Smith & many others I decided I needed a new challenge. This time one aimed at getting running back as a positive influence on my life. I also wanted to inspire others & raise money for a cause that really mattered to me. That cause was mental health.

Marathons For the mind

The charities behind the challenges



ITV Pride of Britain Fundraiser of the year Award for the Meridian Region 2017

Laureus Sporting Moment of the Month - November 2018

Mind Media Award - Digital Champion 2017 Nominee (‘I’m right there in your corner’ - Poem)

Livability - Princess Royal Outstanding Supporter & Volunteer Achievement



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