Peter’s natural vulnerability helped everyone relate to him, and he was so sincere. Brilliant!
— J.P Morgan
The team and audience loved your talk
— Tedx Warwick
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My talks are open, honest and from the heart. I talk with freedom, humility & humour about how I went from crying in a Ugandan Orphanage, to running a marathon in every country in Europe in consecutive days & the entire route of the 2018 Tour de France.

I have presented to a range of audiences from TEDx Talks, to children, young people, CEO’S and big kids like myself. My aim is to enable others to reach their capabilities, to improve well-being and to challenge us to look at a situation & see things differently.

The many aspects of my adventures mean I can tailor talks to your needs & audience. Have an idea? Just let me know

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Watch my talks at the Mind Media Awards, TEDx Warwick & Parallel London below